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SunPods Modular Solar Energy Systems

On-Demand Solar Energy Systems

SunPods are self-contained solar arrays that are ready to power-up on delivery.   These unique, rapid deployment solar arrays are ideal for powering a variety of operations including Schools, Commercial Buildings, Event Centers, Brownfields, Farms and other Agricultural sites, Transportation, Landfills and any other site requiring an alternative source of energy.  Unlike traditional solar systems, SunPods can be installed on virtually any surface and the frames are built with heavy gauge cold rolled high tensile steel with an extremely durable G-90 galvanized finish. 

SunPods solar units are pre-wired and can be delivered and set in place with minimal site preparation.   Utility-scale systems can be achieved by connecting the standardized modular power units together into a larger array.

Ground Mount SP-100

SunPods SP-100 is the standard modular array for ground mount solar installations.  A choice of modules and inverters allows for the creation of custom solar systems that meet any budget and power requirement.  Units arrive fully-assembled and are installed and connected by a SunPods Certified Partner.

SunPods SP-100 is the base platform for Brownfield, electric vehicle charging, landfill, off-grid and international export solar applications.



“Modular Solar Energy”


Solar EV Plug-N-Go SP-300

SunPods solar-powered electric vehicle charging station (EV Plug-N-Go™) is a factory built, pre-wired, power-up on delivery solar charging system that can be installed rapidly in parking lots, shopping centers, military installations and at public and private fleet service centers.  The solar charging stations offset EV electricity requirements with clean renewable solar energy via grid connected net metering. SunPods SP-300 also features optional large-scale battery storage for off grid and Smart Grid systems and is compatible with on-road electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and low velocity vehicles such as golf carts, utility, automated guided vehicles, material handling, airline, marine and transit applications.

UPS Power Backup SP-400

SunPods SP-400 generates and stores solar power to provide clean, renewable energy in the event of unexpected power loss due to  weather disturbances, equipment failure or planned power grid outages for maintenance etc.  The SunPods Uninterruptible Power Supply and Back-up Solar Power System is a complete, factory pre-wired ground mount solar array that features deep cycle, high capacity batteries and uninterruptible power supply capability.

SunPods UPS offers a cost-effective back-up energy solution that eliminates the need for fuel based systems like diesel generators.  SunPods solar back-up solution requires less maintenance and produces low cost renewable energy when emergency or temporary replacement power is needed.

Solar On Landfills / Brownfields (SOILS™) SP-500

SunPod Solar Operational Integrated Landfill System (SOILS™) is a rapid deployment solar electric system designed for capped landfills. SOILS™ solar units are factory pre-wired and ready to power-up when set in place.  The system requires minimal site preparation and no ground penetrations, and the power adjustable legs are easily adjusted to accommodate for the ground settlement over time.  SunPods flexible design enables site managers and owners to install SOILS™ solar arrays ranging from small commercial systems to cover the just the site’s energy needs to utility scale solar energy farms.  

Remote / Off-Grid SP-600

SunPods Off-Grid Solar power units allow for the generation of clean, renewable energy in remote areas where electricity is unavailable, unreliable cost-prohibitive.  As a growing number of industries are moving to replace or reduce the use of diesel generators, off-grid solar solutions provide an efficient and economical alternative. Agricultural and military operations are two examples of off-grid energy requirements, including power for remote sites, EVs, water distribution and various other applications.

SunPods SP-500 Off-Grid solar units provide a simple and cost-effective power solution. Each unit is factory pre-wired and ready to power-up on delivery.  Minimal site preparation is required and solar power can be implemented at virtually any remote location.

Solar Energy Export Kit  (SEEK™) SP-700

SunPods™ Solar Energy Export Kit (SEEK™) is a containerized, pre-packaged complete solar array system designed to ship to any global destination.  Upon delivery, the solar energy kits are assembled by local labor and delivered to the installation site to create an on-grid or off-grid solar energy source.  Minimal site preparation is required and the systems offer reliable primary or back-up power for a wide range of requirements including mission critical systems where performance and long-term reliability are critical.  SunPods SEEK™ is the perfect solar energy solution for highly remote areas where commercial power sources are unavailable or unreliable.

Suggested Applications for SunPods Modular Solar Systems:

    • Commercial - SP-100 Ground Mount / SP-300 Solar EV Plug-N-Go™ / SP-400 UPS Power Back-Up / SP-600 Remote Off-Grid 
    • Agriculture - SP-100 Ground Mount / SP-300 Solar EV Plug-N-Go™ / SP-400 UPS Power Back-Up / SP-500 SOIL™ / SP-600 Remote Off-Grid
    • Landfills – SP-100 Ground Mount / SP-500 SOIL™ / SP-600 Remote
    • Brownfields – SP-100 Ground Mount / SP-500 SOIL™ / SP-600 Remote
    • Schools, Public Works – SP-100 Ground Mount / SP-300 Solar EV Plug-N-Go™ /  SP-400 UPS Power Back-Up / SP-600 Remote Off-Grid
    • Transportation- SP-100 Ground Mount / SP-300 Solar EV Plug-N-Go™ / SP-400 UPS  Power Back-Up / SP-600 Remote  Off-Grid
    • Residential – SP-100 Ground Mount / SP-300 Solar EV Plug-N-Go™ / SP-400 UPS Power Back-Up / SP-600 Remote Off-Grid

Public Works


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