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Solar Skylights

QMI offers solar skylights that generate plentiful natural light for residential, industrial, commercial, military and government buildings.

Solart Skylights Fill Your Home or Building with Healthy Natural Light

Solar Skylights operate entirely on light from the sun.  No wiring, no switches – just free natural light with all the benefits and efficiency.  A high-impact acrylic dome captures sunlight on the roof during the daylight hours and directs it into the room through the solar reflective tube.  The flashing housing protects the entire system and your roof from the effects of inclement weather.  We offer styles and installation kits to accommodate all roof pitches and systems are available as unpainted aluminum or black powder-coat.

Sunlight Enters Your Home or Building without harmful UV Rays

The sunlight captured by the dome travels through a reflective, mirror-like solar tube, “bouncing” several times before it enters your home.  The specially designed Micro-Silver® solar tube is able to harness the sunlight even when the sun’s position is lower during early morning and late afternoon hours.  Even on cloudy days, the tubular solar skylights provide natural light to the room, although with diminished intensity based on exterior conditions.  Additionally, the tubular solar skylight filters are available to reduce the harmful UV rays that occur naturally in sunlight, endangering our health and fading clothing, furniture and carpet.

All the Benefits of Sunlight without the Heat

Unlike traditional skylights, Natural Light Tubular Solar Skylights operate with virtually no heat gain.  As the sunlight travels through the light pipe it passes through our   exclusive Energy Conservation Kit.  The kit incorporates thin, clear polycarbonate lenses that significantly improve the U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.  In fact, our residential units are so energy efficient that they are ENERGY STAR® qualified.



“Solar Skylights: The Benefits of Natural Light”

Only Soft Evenly Dispersed Sunlight Enters Your Home or Building

Depending on the model, our tubular skylights can illuminate the equivalent of 300 – 1,450 watts of light – all for free!

Tubular Skylights for Residential Applications

Tubular Skylights for Residential Applications
Commercial Tubular Skylights

Commercial Tubular Skylights
Sunlight Enters the Dome

1. Sunlight Enters the Tubular Solar Skylight Dome

The low profile, durable acrylic, impact resistant dome captures sunlight on your roof from sunup to sundown.  The flashing housing ensures that the unit is weather-tight and leak proof.

2. Sunlight is Reflected Through The Light Pipe

2. Sunlight is Reflected Through The Light Pipe

Sunlight captured by the dome bounces through a patented 98% reflective, mirror-like tube.  The light pipe reflects sunlight into your home, even in early morning or late afternoon.

3. Ceiling Fixture Softly Diffuses Sunlight Into Room

3. Ceiling Fixture Softly Diffuses Natural Light Into the Room

The slightly arced prismatic surface of the light fixture evenly disperses sunlight into the room, with no “hot spots”.

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